Thursday, September 26, 2013

Emails back and forth

Here is an email chain that we did back and forth on Wednesday.  I was at my computer and was able to email back and forth

Your half way done with the MTC.  Exciting.  I hope everything is going good.  We read your letters to the boys for FHE on Monday night.  They really liked them.  They all wrote you back, so you should be getting the letter quickly.  I have started a blog for you and I am putting all the letter and emails on it.  When you get back we will turn it into a book for you.  Make sure you take lots of pics.  Probably not a ton now, but when you get to Mexico.  

How was travelling to the Visa place?  Was it nice to get out of the MTC for a while?  Did someone go with you?  To bad you don't get to go to Vegas.  What will you do when the rest of the group does?

I have a friend who's son is in Chihuahua on his mission and just got there 2 weeks ago.  He is loving it.  His name is Elder Cummings.  I dated his mom in high school a few times and hung out with her a ton.  

Ok, I have to get back to work,  love you and miss you.  Be good and work hard.



Hi, that's cool. I hope the boys enjoyed that last one. To get the visas there were 10 of us and we traveled by train to Salt Lake. Then walked to the Consult, will we were walking this homeless guy walked up to us and said he was a jack Mormon and he was about to go get high and drunk, and he said sorry for it. I don't know why really. Yeah it was really nice we walked by a Ducati dealership which was really cool. And the next day when they all left I just went with the district above us, so it was fine. How many people did you date in high school? And is it taken her out on a few dates. But love you, miss you.

Love, Elder Dayley

Hey aquí es una ventaja de mí sentado en el correo electrónico todo el tiempo. ¿Cuál es su plan de P-día? 

(Hey here is an advantage of me sitting on email all the time. What is your plan for P-day?)


haha me plan esa P- Dia es voy a la temple de Provo otra vez, vamos todas semas. esta bien. es un desafio a leo espanol de google tranducir. pero yo perdono usted de su pecado. que es su plan para hoy? trabajar trabajar y mas trabajar?

(haha me that P-Day plan is going to the Provo temple again, we all semes. okay. is a challenge to read Spanish from google tranducir. but I forgive you of your sin. that is your plan for today? work work and more work?)

How did you know that was from Google translator?  Did you type that or did you use translator?  Yes plan is to work and more work then home for mutual.  We moved Tate into your room on Monday and then broke down Gage's bunk beds last night.  They are both happy now.

Haha because of the way it was worded. It was a Direct Translation. And we don't have Google here so that came from my brain. Well I'm glad my leaving brought them happiness. So at basketball I play con Russians y they are really good. This one elder he's like 6'4" and he can drive like none other. I play con ellos everyday, we've all became good friends. One of them is from Pima, and I meant someone who lives in Queen Creek and knew Rachel Waite. So that was pretty cool to talk to people that have a connection with sorta.


It's nice that they let you play basketball everyday.  It is a good release.  Where is the Russian going?  Do you see anyone else that you know?

No they are elders going to Russia, sorry. But I've seen Daniel Butters here, and he's already gone to the field. But the only problem is that they don't give you enough time to play, we only get 50 minutes to play. okay my time is but now.

Love you tons, miss you.

Love, Elder Dayley

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