Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Week 1 in the MTC

Dear Mama and Papa,

The MTC has been an experience that is unlike any other I have ever experienced in a good way.  It is the hardest thing I have ever done emotionally and spiritually.  I know that my testimony has grown incredibly in the like 36 hours I've been here.  I've also been shown that I don't know a butt load of crap about the gospel (you've got to be a Nacho fan to find that funny!), and all I can do is rely on the things I hear from the spirit.

Spanish is going well, I actually can understand the sentences our teacher is saying, or I can hear key words and piece it together.  I feel I'm doing well in it and tomorrow we're teaching out first "investigator" all in Spanish, so we'll see how that goes.

I actually have two companions, Elder Wright (what are the chances!) and Elder Hogan.  I already asked and Elder Wright has no relations with anyone in Arizona.  They are good guys, they're nice and funny.  We have gotten along really well.

I'm in the Dan Jones building, he was a friend of Joseph Smith and considered one of the best missionaries of this dispensation. In our hallway it is half white people and half Tongan and it is awesome.   One room of all Tongans are leaving Sunday and got a package of just food and they shared a ton of it with us.  This is why I think they are the greatest people in the world, but I know that from Alex Po'oi and The Foliaki's.

Of the seven Elders in our district, two of them are going to Madrid, Spain and the rest are going to Chihuahua.  Both of my companions are going to Mexico.

On Tuesday my Branch is moving to west campus to finish the rest of the time.  So any mail you guys send, I don't know if just to hold off until Wednesday (which is my p-day) or what, I don't know.

This letter is over two days, so today we taught the investigator all in Spanish.  I could understand some of what  he said.  It was a good experience, but it was hard, to try to say what we wanted to say.

But love you all and miss you.  I hope everything is going good.  Hope gramma is feeling better.  I was homesick the first night, but doing good now.  Sorry papa for jumping around a lot and not being organized, but at least the letter is separated into paragraphs.

So this part he wrote in Spanish, which is his testimony.  Not knowing the language and having a hard time deciphering his hand writing, those of you that speak Spanish will know how much I messed up trying to type it out or how bad of a speller Jacob is!

Yo se que Jesuchristo es el salador, y Dois es muestro Padre Celestial.  Yo se que el Euagelio de Cristo es uerdadero.  En el mombre de Jesucristo, Amen.

Love, Elder Dayley

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