Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Got his Visa and Happy Birthday Mama

First here is a quick note he sent us Saturday:

So I get to go get my visa on Monday!  (Which would be today.)  I'm taking a train up to Salt Lake to the visa place, then I'll be back here that same day. But what's weird is that everyone else in my district are flying to Vegas on Tuesday and I'm the only one going on Monday to Salt Lake so I don't know what's going down with that but oh well. Tell Grandma Dayley that it's fine if she shares my letters, I don't mind at all. Also I got a slip telling me that my packages are ready for me to pick up but I can't pick them up because the mail room is closed today for some reason which is dumb. I hope mama got my letter by now. Oh the progressive investigator is our teacher that he just pretends to be a investigator. Hope that clears things up. Okay that's all. Oh and I can only write you guys once a week on Wednesday, but today we were allowed to tell you that I'm getting my visa at that's all.

Thanks love you all, miss you guys.

Elder Dayley

Today we got another hand written one and found out his address had been changed.  So anyone that is writing him either by way of real mail, or by dear elder take note of the address change, because his Unit changed as well.  Looks like he has still been getting his mail, but taking longer to get it.

Elder Jacob Dayley

Oct-14  Mex-Chi
2023 N 900 E.
Unit 885
Provo, UT  84602

Then this was a letter just to Juliet:

Dear Mama,

Happy Birthday!  Hope you have a really nice day!  I hope you guys go out and have a good time.  Thank you for always supporting me and always loving me.  Thank you for being a great mom and a great example to me.  I know I show my love for papa a lot more visually, but I really really do love you a ton.  Thank you for the letters.  Everytime I get one it just makes my day a hundred times better than before.  I like hearing that you guys miss me, because I know that I'm not forgotten and that I'm not the only one with missing feelings.  I love you a ton and miss you so much.  Don't forget about me!  You're still not old!


Elder Dayley

Well we should be hearing more from him on Wednesday!

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