Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Week 3 in the MTC and Letters to the Boys

Dear Mama and Papa and the boys,

This week has been pretty good, nothing major happened. Just a normal week, studying like 10 hours a day now. We are teaching two investigators this week. But they are really just our teachers acting like them. But it is still really good practice for us for Spanish and for learning how to teach. It's coming along good. It's pretty fun. There is sorta an adrenaline rush that goes along with it at the beginning. It's crazy how much Spanish I can speak now compared to when I left.

Just fair warning for you guys when I get back I'm buying a street bike and I'm going skydiving and I'm going wing-suit flying. So just warning you so you don't freak out on me. Since you said and I quote, "I don't care what you do after your mission." So I'm just warning you before hand. (I'm not sure where he is going to get all the money for this stuff, because his bank account is going to be empty when he gets back!)

So the homesickness has severely decreased, about to the point of where I just about forgot to write you guys. Just kidding. But I still miss you a lot but luckily I've got really good companions and district members.

I just felt like writing something to each of the boys so if you can have them read it, since it'll just be in this letter.

First, to Colton,
You really surprised me about what you said.  I never knew that's how you felt or that you even looked up to me at all.  t means a lot that I left with us on really good terms.  Because if we left while we were fighting or not talking to each other the guilt would have killed.  Keep on being an example to Tate and Gage, because just like how I didn't know that you were watching me, they are watching you.  Since I'm gone you have to take charge of keeping the peace in the house with Tate and Gage when they fight.  By being patient, calm, and relaxed.  Respect is more powerful than fear.  Love you.

Next to Gager-Wager, Gagey-Wagey.
Of everyone you made me cry the most.  Before you wouldn't touch me at all or talk to me, but that night before I left, how you hugged me and cried.  Dude, I lost it.  That's the most I've ever cried in my life.  You don't even know how much that meant to me.  It makes me teary eyed when I even think about it.  Thank you.  Just remember to be teachable in all things, and be humble.  Those two things will help you become better than you could be, by just going out there all cocky.  There's a difference between cocky and confidence.  Cocky kids are the ones who are good now, but can't go anywhere.  Where confident kids know how good they are, but are humble about it and know that they aren't the best, but strive to be the best all the time.  They do that by listening to their coaches all the time.  And trying their best always.  Love you, Miss you!

How are you?  I was just wondering if the kids could get a photograph or maybe an autograph.  Look, the kids they love you.  You are the best! Haha!  (Again, another Nacho reference!)  I want my socks back you punk!  Tate you were my favorite brother, well blood brother.  You would always be there for me, even when we'd be mad at each other, we would make up with each other within an hour.  I don't think that we'd ever been mad at each other for more than an hour.  I would consider you one of my best friends.  I could trust you, and you trusted me.  Tate you go to stop teasing Gage, or you just got to know when to stop.  Just like Gage, be humble and teachable.  The people who can teach you will help you so much more than you can imagine.  Coaches will give you criticism and that's good, it'll help you.  But don't let anyone bad talk you, stand up for yourself and don't be pushed around.  But don't be a bully doing it to others.  Know when enough is enough.  Stick up for your friends also, as you do that your friendships will become stronger and closer because you'll really start to care about them.  Love you a lot!

At the bookstore, they have shirts of each of the missions on them and I bought a Mexico one and was going to buy an Ireland shirt, but they didn't have it, sorry papa. But everything is going good here, enjoying it a lot. Time flows really weird here. Each day is long, but the week is fast, but they are longer because you don't get a weekend.

So somethings I found out about my mission is we don't do tracting because it is too dangerous to do that. (Isn't that what every mother wants to hear, is how dangerous the mission is that her son is going to?!) So how we get to people I don't know. I don't know if you know this, but there is a missionary mom email group that sent something about sending packages to me once I get in the field. But I'm not sure about all the details about it. All I know is that mama should try and get on the email group. I heard also that the mission president and his wife are super nice. Nothing else to write about really. I could say sorry for the handwriting and spelling mistakes.

Miss you all, love you all. Tell Gramma that I love her. Oh, one more thing, but at night I've been having super vivid dreams. The dreams are really realistic and they've all been about you guys and the Wright's. It sounds weird, but its been good to see you guys again. (I actually really lost it today when I read that part.) But love you and miss you tons.

Elder Dayley

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