Thursday, September 26, 2013

Half way done with MTC

It's exciting to think that I'm already half way done with the MTC, but then its kinda scary because in 3 weeks I'll out teaching people, in Spanish. But its okay, I'm still doing good.

Thank you for the packages! They're awesome! Especially the letters, blanket and the candy corn! Can you send more of it, me and my companions just ate it up.

On Monday I went to get my visa with 9 other elders, we went on a train to Salt Lake. The MTC picked a elder from main campus as the group leader, he was about 5 foot 6 and looked so scared to be in charge that I felt bad for him helped him with it. But after the train we walked about half a mile to the consult and on the way there, there was a guy that looked homeless walking towards us. When he got to us he said, "I'm about to go get drunk and high, I'm sorry I'm a jack Mormon." All I could do is laugh in my head because he kept saying sorry to us, but I don't know why, because we can't do anything for him if he doesn't have the desire in him to change. So why he was saying sorry, I don't know but at least he felt something. 

That's really all the exciting stuff that happened to me this week, and probably for the rest of my stay here until I get to Mexico. Sorry about the boringness of them, it's really not my fault they're super boring. That's just how my days are here.

Haha well love you all, miss you all.

Love, Elder Dayley

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