Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Week 2 in the MTC

Hey Family,

So this is week went  by pretty fast, but the flow of time here is really strange because the days are long and hard but the weeks feel short, but then i feel like I have been here for a year already. I'm really starting to like it now, now that i stopped worrying about myself and cared more for my investigators and my companions. 

We are doing a progressive investigator, we have two this week. they are only our teachers but the really make you feel like they are true investigators. its really cool. 

Mama can you print and send my that picture of my and Tate snuggling that'll be cool. I showed my companions, ha ha they didn't quite know how to respond ha ha

Things here have gotten a lot better now that I'm into the routine of things. It's gotten easier, just the living part but the Spanish is still coming along slowly but surely. 

Yes, i actually do  miss snuggling to be honest!

When i get back i want to watch the lord of the rings all my roommates are nerds about that movie and now they got me wanting to watch it also. So that'll be the first thing that'll we will do as a family! No question asked suckers! 

Okay I'm running out of time now but it was great hearing from you all, and keep the letters coming. they brighten up my day like you couldn't image.

Love you all, miss you all.

Elder Dayley

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