Monday, October 21, 2013

First email from Mexico

So Mexico is close to what I thought it would be haha. Really kinda run down and old. But the people are super nice here, which is good. The food here is really good too, not as spicy as I was thinking though.

My first week was rough really got homesick, and just really wanted to go home. I talked to my companion and he really did not care for my thoughts, so as you can image that really helped. (not). But I just talked to my mission President and he changed my companions, to a American that I already went on splits with and he is really cool. Glad for that. 

We do a ton of walking here, and do a ton of inactive member work here. The ward here is great super supportive and helpful. We teach like anywhere from 3 to 6 people a day which I do not know if that is being busy or not.

The Spanish is not the same spanish in the MTC. There it was slow and clear, here its all fast, munbbled, and not clear at all. So I have to ask ¿como? a lot. Which is a nice way of saying What?

So the mail, if you want to send me a letter I would just email it Ill get it faster. For Packages send it to this address 
Julio Velazquez/Elder Dayley
P.O. Box 1486 
Presidio, Texas 79845

It goes to a guy in texas that brings it down here to the mission home. It is faster and safer that way

Everything is going good now, thank you for the prays and support love you all, miss yall
Love, Elder Dayley

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