Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Week Cinco

Still not pictures, he forgets his camera when he emails and now has lost his USB cable.  Hopefully some next week.

Pues esta semana fue un poco mejor, pero esta todavia dificil.

But this week was boring until Friday. On Friday we did some service finally! We went to a members house that is really just a cement box and we got to break down a side of her house. So about 5 Elders took turns breaking down a wall with a 16lbs sledge hammer! It was really cool. Finally CrossFit really came into use there. But then later that day we went to Chihuahua to listen to Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the 12 Apostles speak to us, but more on that later.

That night we had our entire zone in one house. about 30 elders staying I one house. it was awesome, our zone leaders tried to keep us under control but really one of the elders had some music playing and just about everyone singing it, yeah that was a fun day.

Saturday we got listen to Elder Oaks Speak. I was really surprised about how animated he is. He seemed super hyper and every energetic for being 81, and he said that L. Tom Perry at 91 was even more energetic then he. But he talked a lot on member and missionaries working together. But the thing that really stood out to me was he gave a story of the Mantle.

The principle of the was that every time we are called to do something we put on the mantle of the calling. every single calling has one no matter how small. Now the principle is that with time and trying basically you will naturally grow into the mantle you are called to serve in. He also said that everyone feels like the mantle is to big for them to handle, but with trust in the Lord and time you'll be able to fill it.

Oh so now the food here. All of it is so good. I think that I have had one thing that I didn't care for and that was it. I love all of it, I eat so much I'm getting fat. And because it's cold out here the members feed us more and we eat more so now I weigh 70 kilos or 155 pounds haha I'm fat... (He is 20 lbs heavier than when he graduated from High School)

But the drinks are another story I don't care for the drinks all the much I could go without them. Also there is so much soda here because you cant drink the water so it's either soda or juice basically. (This is hard for him since he doesn't drink soda)

Sorry I've been taking pictures but I keep forgetting my camera at the house in my bag that I carry around with me.

But I'm out of time thanks for the love and support everyday and the prayers and everything.

Love you all missin you all too
Love, Elder Dayley

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